DICE Says Fixing PS3 'Battlefield 3' Voice Chat Problems is 'Top Priority'

Battlefield 3 PS3 Client Update Tomorrow

In just over a month, EA and DICE shipped over 12 million copies of their highly anticipated first person shooter, Battlefield 3. Battlefield 3 hasn't quite hit the $1 billion sales mark that rival franchise Modern Warfare 3 reached a couple days ago but there's no doubt that plenty of gamers are still enjoying the title's tactical first person play.

All the more reason why lingering issues with the high profile game are especially frustrating - most notably the continued VoIP issues on the PS3.

With every subsequent patch, piece of DLC, and comment from developer, DICE, fans have been firing back begging for a voice chat fix on the PS3 version as well as widespread input lag for some users.

According to Mp1st, Battlefield 3 fans need only be a bit more patient, as DICE has confirmed that they are aware of the continued problems and are working on a fix - though no specific timetable is given:

“We are quite aware of the issue [input lag/delay] and we’re still investigating it for a possible solution. Thank you for your patience. [...] PS3 VoIP a top priority.”

There's no doubt that, in a game as massive as Battlefield 3 (one that requires loads of strategy, teamwork, and communication), unclear, absent, or altogether broken lines of communication can easily mean the difference between victory and defeat. That said, even if you're more of a lone-wolf Battlefield 3 gamer, playing with a team of unfamiliars and mostly just attempting to rack-up more kills than deaths, it still helps to have insight into what is going on throughout the battlefield.

Battlefield 3 Ships 12 Million Copies

Oftentimes, input lag can run far deeper than the server/network issues that tend to cause voice chat problems - so it's hard to know whether or not DICE will be able to nail-down the input lag problem, even with all the time in the world. Maybe that's why input lag, even though it can be game-breaking in some cases (though many users seem to be entirely unaffected) is not a "top" priority - since DICE knows it'll be a long while, if ever, before they can tighten the core mechanics up.


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Battlefield 3 is now available on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

Source: Mp1st [via CVG]

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