Although Battlefield gameplay falls mainly into the genre of first person shooter, many gamers take pleasure in hopping behind the wheel of some of the game’s more exciting vehicles. While DICE has yet to reveal specifics as far as how vehicular combat will play out in Battlefield 3, throughout various trailers they have given hints as to what might be available.

Unfortunately, since the trailers for Battlefield 3 have employed a disjointed editing technique, gamers might not have been able to get the clearest glimpses of all the vehicles that are featured in the trailers.

Thankfully, the folks over at Gamers Book have compiled a list, complete with in-game screenshots and real life comparisons, of every vehicle that has popped up in a Battlefield 3 trailer.

Your typical warfare fodder, like tanks and helicopters, are the most prominent vehicles featured, but the one that most gamers are salivating over are the jets. Sure to be the most exciting vehicles to pilot, jets are going to lead to some very intense dogfights.

For your complete list of Battlefield 3 vehicles and a brief description of each, see below:

LAV-25 : eight-wheeled amphibious reconnaissance vehicle

BMP-2 : amphibious infantry fighting vehicle

2K22M : self-propelled anti-aircraft tank

M1 Abrams : U.S. main battle tank

T-90 : Russian main battle tank

HMMWV : four-wheel drive motor vehicle, more commonly known as a Humvee

Technical : improvised fighting vehicle, typically a truck fitted with a mounted machine gun

UH-1Y : medium size utility helicopter

AH-6J : light helicopter used for special operations

F-16 : U.S. developed fighter jet

Su-35 : Russian heavy, long-range fighter jet

UH-60 : medium lift utility helicopter, commonly known as Black Hawk

F/A-18 : carrier-based fighter jet that can use air-to-surface weapons

CH-53D : heavy lift transport helicopter

Like was said before, this is only a list of vehicles featured in Battlefield 3 trailers and is not necessarily a comprehensive list of the pilotable vehicles in the game. DICE is more so focused on their E3 presentation at the moment, which, if their GDC unveiling was any indication, is sure to blow gamers away.

As of now the developer has been heavily focused on revealing their in-depth single player experience rather than showing off the series’ real bread and butter: the multiplayer. With the title’s release date nearing, however, we expect that multiplayer won’t be a mystery for much longer.

We know that DICE and EA have something truly special in store for all things Battlefield 3 from the vehicles to the storyline to the multiplayer, and we can’t wait for the latest piece of news on each.

What vehicles would you like to be able to drive/pilot in Battlefield 3? How do you think vehicles will figure into the single player element of the game?

Battlefield 3 is set to release later this year for the PS3, PC, and Xbox 360.

Source: Gamers Book