Battlefield 3 Trailer Meets Inception


Electronic Arts and DICE have successfully managed to create and market a game that is easily on everyone's most anticipated games of 2011 lists. Thanks in large part to the 'Fault Line' series of trailers for Battlefield 3, the game has jumped up to being one of the hottest first person shooters of the most crowded year of Triple-A FPS games ever.

What could raise excitement for Battlefield 3 even more? Mixing it with the epic score for Christopher Nolan's mind-bending Inception, obviously.

The Inception trailer music has been the subject of many fan-made trailers and parody videos due to its unique and powerful horn sounds which immediately signify the film. It's its trademark and is extremely recognizable. It can be both emotional epic, or epically hilarious depending on how it's used. For Battlefield 3, it's just plain epic - in the best possible way.

To see how that Inception "Mind Heist" music makes everything better - we could say Chris Nolan makes everything better - let's play it alongside the Battlefield 3 Fault Line 'Episode III: Get That Wire Cut' trailer.

If it's not auto-playing, simply hit 'play' on both videos at the same time:

Is your mind blown?

With a simple 10-second delay at the start, the music shockingly syncs up perfectly with the gameplay. Note the change in music as the change in scenery and situation occurs - It's perfect! I wonder if the Inception video game will have a trailer as good as this with its own music.

Battlefield 3 Trailer With Inception Music

For a refresher on the game, check out all of the Battlefield 3 trailers released thus far:

Battlefield 3 releases on the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 this fall, possibly on November 2nd.


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