Virgin Gaming and DICE are teaming up to give gamers one more reason to play Battlefield 3 day and night after it releases. The two are joining forces to host what could be the largest online tournament ever, with the winner walking away with 1.6 million dollars.

There are no details on the dates and times for this tournament, as the only thing we know is that it will take place sometime in 2012, well after the game has released and players have had enough time to hone their skills. In order to be one of the first to get more details on this event, those interested will have to sign up for a Virgin Gaming account on their website.

Willing participants will also have to declare if they will using a PS3 or Xbox 360 as their console of choice. That’s right, unfortunately PC gamers need not apply, perhaps due to perception that not enough people will have the required gaming rigs needed to play. It’s a shame, since the PC version looks so much better than the PS3.

Even though the PC will have a leg up on PS3, Sony’s console will get timed exclusivity to all of the Battlefield 3 DLC when it launches. All tournaments aside, this might be the first time a multi-platform FPS will sell more PS3 copies than that of the Xbox 360.

Virgin Gaming is promoting this as the biggest tournament of its kind, possibly spanning several days, so gamers had better gather their most skilled gaming buddies to create the best squad ever. Given the fact Battlefield 3 will probably sell in the millions, gamers could potentially face legions of elite opponents. Will your squad go above and beyond the call?

We’re nos strangers to shooter competitions, as evidenced by our awesome Gears of War 3 fireteam, perhaps you’ve heard of them. Sure, it’s a different game from Battlefield 3, but it makes you wonder how well we would do in a tournament such as this.

Battlefield 3 launches on October 25th on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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Source: Virgin Gaming