GR Pick: Sweet Cover of 'Battlefield 3' Theme Song

Battlefield 3 Cover GR Pick

When I was in film school professors would teach that the experience of watching a movie is 50% visual and 50% aural. I hold the same to be true about video games, regardless of genre.

Whether it’s simply walking through the vast desert of Uncharted 3, or hopping through a visual wonderland in Super Mario 3D Land, a game’s music can help set the tone for the sequences that accompany it. Take Battlefield 3 for example, a game that executes sound flawlessly, but that also has a solid score to keep the pace up and players interests piqued.

Though the thought of breathtaking music and Battlefield 3 don’t exactly run hand in hand, the score for DICE’s latest does evoke some pretty substantial emotion when the moment calls for it. So much emotion, in fact, that one gamer has recreated one of Battlefield 3’s main themes using his own skills with the piano and guitar among others.

This YouTube user, Advait Nemleker, hasn’t just created a Battlefield 3 cover; he has created an entire audiovisual experience. See for yourself in the video below:


If you haven’t seen any of Advait’s previous work, we highly recommend giving his YouTube channel a look. Not only does he provide studio quality covers of the Skyward Sword and Skyrim themes but also, just like this Battlefield 3 video, he green screens himself into scenes from each game.  It is a bit cheesy at times, but the amount of work that goes into doing it believably has to be commended in and of itself.

There are plenty of fans out there that try to capture iconic video game themes either through a capella renditions or violin quartets, but Advait’s work is by far some of the most extensive we’ve seen in a while. And who doesn’t love hearing any version of the Skyrim theme?

What other video game themes would you like to see Advait tackle? Which games from the past year provided the best music?

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