'Battlefield 3' Spring Update Hits Xbox 360; New Fixes and 'Rent-A-Server'

Battlefield 3 Update Patch Xbox Multiplayer

In its ongoing crusade to do everything big, Battlefield 3's Spring Update list still has us perusing up and down its endless lines of weapon tweaks, vehicle tune-ups, and gameplay adjustments, hoping to find something juicy.

While PlayStation 3 and PC owners (the later of whom received some additional improvements) have had a week to put their new-and-improved boots on the ground, only now are the Xbox 360's platoons getting in on the action.

According to the Battlefield Blog, the patch became available this morning and also includes the controversial "Instant Update" option as well as the new Rent-A-Server functionality. Staring at 120 Microsoft Points (or $1.50) for one day, players can publish their own servers and have access to a sizable palate of customized settings. An extended rental period of 90 days can be purchased for 4,800 Points ($60), which is a little more than 50% in relative savings.

The update comes none too soon for some Battlefield 3 fans. EA and DICE drew fire and ire from major community groups back in February for their lack of communication regarding updates to the multiplayer FPS. The controversy spurred a brief apology from DICE and -- whether simply a coincidence or at the fans' behest -- the developer soon unveiled the massive list. So far, it seems to have silenced many of the game's more vocal critics -- that is, unless they're simply being drowned out over the newly-added jeep horns.

Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Patch Xbox Update

Similar to its one-fell-swoop update formats, Battlefield 3's DLC is also scheduled to release in major chunks of new multiplayer content. The first, this June's "Close Quarters" DLC, which we previewed at GDC, plans to toss players into claustrophobic chaos with new maps, weapons (i.e. shotguns), and close quarters team tactics -- all the while cranking the Frostbite 2 engine up to the max.

The "Armored Assault" DLC, meanwhile, focuses on vehicular combat and isn't due out until Fall, while an under-wraps "End Game" DLC pack is slated for Winter. It's the Call of Duty: ELITE antithesis... well, except maybe for the paid-for subscription service DICE has begun mulling over for Battlelog.

In any case, Battlefield 3 is looking to stay busy for quite some time. Hopefully the latest update cycle can smooth over some of the rough edges and allow its online community to thrive the way it has since the game's October release. (Check out our Battlefield 3 review).

Ranters, have you downloaded the latest update for Battlefield 3? Did DICE take care of your most pressing concerns, or is there still more room for improvement?


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Source: Battlefield Blog

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