'The Gadget Show' Builds Ultimate 'Battlefield 3' Simulator

Battlefield 3 Ultimate Simulator

There’s no doubt that video games are an immersive experience, through their incorporation of sound, visuals, and now movement, but that experience can only take a gamer so far. But what if there was a game that was so immersive that not only did it track your movements, it actually shot you?

That was the goal for a recent episode of The Gadget Show, which sought to take Battlefield 3, and a whole slew of clever pieces of technology, and create the ultimate first person shooter. While their creation isn’t perfect, and doesn’t come close to what Drew Brees put himself through for Operation Gridiron, it’s still pretty awesome.

Starting first with a copy of Battlefield 3 and a 360-degree display, and then accumulating realistic lighting, a scrolling floor system, and a series of paintball turrets that would actually fire on cue, The Gadget Show created a totally immersive experience with visual, audio, and force feedback. Check it out below:

Now, obviously this isn’t feasible for just every gamer to create, but for those who have a huge chunk of spending money it is really cool. Most of us have seen, and are now experiencing, that sequence in Battlefield 3, but to feel bullets being fired your way, and to have to make the effort to crouch and jump, isn’t something Kinect can deliver.

Just released today, Battlefield 3 is the culmination of almost a year’s worth of anticipation building into a fever pitch. Gamers have experienced the game’s multiplayer through an open beta, and had a chance to see pretty much every facet of the single player experience through trailers and screenshots, but none of that compares to actually getting one’s hands on the game.

It might not be as immersive as walking through a 360-degree dome that fires paintballs, but Battlefield 3 on console or PC is still a pretty intense experience — look for our review to hit soon.

If you had the money to build this type of rig, do you think it would be too much of a gimmick or extremely fun? What other games would you like to see run in this simulator?

Battlefield 3 is out now for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Source: Enter Battlefield 3

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