GR Pick [Video]: Rack Up Kills With 'Battlefield 3' Repair Tool

Battlefield 3 Repair Tool Kits

In the world of Battlefield 3 multiplayer, gamers are presented with a wealth of options. There’s everything from attacking head-on to sitting back and sniping, using a well-placed RPG or mowing enemies down from the cockpit of a jet, it’s all about choice.But, as can be seen in this GR Pick, there are also roads less travelled.

While it isn’t something new to the world of Battlefield, the repair tool kill is a kill that requires patience, requires skill, and basically requires you sneak up on a group of unsuspecting enemies. It's definitely a challenge to blowtorch an enemy, but it's certainly doable.

Taking from a collection of Battlefield 3 open beta sessions, this collection of repair tool kills shows that it is, if one is determined enough, possible to rack up quite a large amount of kills with the "weapon." Obviously with some of the multiplayer maps forcing players to advance on the enemy, or because they are just too large, there are more non-optimum than optimum situations for the repair tool kill, but it’s still pretty entertaining nonetheless.


Having spent a fair amount of time racking up kills with the repair drill in Bad Company 2, I have to say I’ve had a ton of fun tooling around with this much-improved blowtorch. Sure, it might be contradictory to the Battlefield 3 experience, which is all about realism, teamwork, and objectives, but sometimes letting off a little steam while you barbecue an enemy delivers a nice change of pace.

Players have already begun jumping feet first into the Battlefield 3 single player and multiplayer (you can read our thoughts on the console version here), but how many of them have deviated from the set formula like this gamer? It’s only the beginning for Battlefield 3, and we can’t wait to see what other clever ways to kill, or be killed, that gamers discover.

How many kills have you racked up with the repair blowtorch? What is the most entertaining way you have killed someone or been killed by someone?

Battlefield 3 is out now for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

Source: YouTube

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