'Battlefield 3' PS3 Update Adds Instant Unlocks for Newcomers

Battlefield 3 PS3 Update Adds Instant Unlocks

Though this week's update for Battlefield 3 on the PS3 brought with it a ton of oft-requested features, and tomorrow's PC update will be bringing even more, there is one new addition that is sure to be a serious point of contention. Essentially what DICE will be offering Battlefield 3 players with the update is a chance to even the playing field, and catch up to those gamers who have already logged hundreds of hours online.

Dubbed 'shortcuts' these three packs will give the player items that will mimic multiplayer progression and instantly unlock items in Battlefield 3's multiplayer. Obviously there is a cost involved, but each of the packs seems like a quick way for newcomers to cut right to the front of the line.

The first 'Shortcut Bundle', as they have been appropriately titled, is the Kit Shortcut Bundle, which unlocks all items unique to the four playable classes. The second, the Vehicle Shortcut Bundle, unlocks all items for all vehicles. And the Ultimate Bundle, as the name suggests, unlocks everything that would have been unlocked by the Kit and Vehicle bundles.

There's still plenty more that must be earned by waging war on Battlefield 3's various multiplayer maps and modes, but these bundles might be seen as cheating by some. Or these bundles could be seen as a new way for multiplayer shooters, which typically have a huge barrier to entry after the first month or so, to reinvigorate interest in new gamers.

Still, this is only one small part of an update that includes the ability to rent servers on PS3 and introduces a new 5-flag layout to Wake Island -- one of the iconic maps from Battlefield's past that was released as DLC -- but the shortcut bundles are sure to be the most talked about new addition.

The update is available now for the PS3, and it is also recommended that players re-download the Back to Karkand map pack for some improvements.

How do you feel about DICE offering newcomers these Battlefield 3 shortcut bundles? Does allowing players to instantly unlock items take away the fun of a multiplayer experience?

Source: Battlefield Blog


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