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Battlefield 3 released on October 25th and since then, it's been consistently and frequently tweaked and patched by DICE as they attempt to balance the title, repair bugs and polish the game in response to millions of players enjoying it online and discovering issues and omissions.

Two weeks ago, a patch tweaked weapon balances and improved the squad user interface and Battlelog features, while last week's PS3 client update came with a ton of changes as well. Previous updates failed to include some of the long-awaited updates including the taclight tweaks and vehicle horns, but tomorrow's Battlefield 3 PC patch does address some of the long-awaited fixes.

The next major update (for PC) will release tomorrow at 8AM GMT where the servers may be down for a few hours for as DICE upgrades their central system. The client patch will be mandatory for all players but it comes in at a whopping 2gb due to the Back to Karkand DLC content. The Back to Karkand expansion release date arrives tomorrow for the PS3 and the following week for PC and Xbox 360.

DICE explains that for future updates, they'll make the DLC part optional to cut down on the filesize, especially for mandatory updates. Below is a complete list of the bug fixes and balancing tweaks coming to the PC version of Battlefield 3.


  • Fixed a problem with spawn timer now showing blue border on startup and lost spawn point.
  • Fixed a problem where player who joined queuing on End of round got spawn screen stuck on screen, but unable to do anything with it untill next round loaded.
  • Fixed a problem where camera would change to 3rd person on killcam when killcam was turned off in server settings.
  • Fixed stat references on several dogtags.
  • Fixed for surveillance ribbon not counting TUGS.
  • Fixed a missing combat area lines on the minimap for Grand Bazaar conquest small.
  • Moved a tank spawn in US base on Caspian Border so it would not be destroyed by a falling tree.
  • Fixed a problem where placing C4 with the Russian soldier was playing US faction VO.
  • Fixed a problem where TV guided missiles could be shot into its own helicopter and destroy it.
  • Fixed a problem when attempting to fire lock on weapons without a target.
  • Tweaked the chat, it should now be a bit easier to read.
  • Fixed several vehicles that did not properly shoot rockets and guns towards their predictive sights.
  • Fixed the G17 Supressed Laser not working properly.
  • Added alternate HUD colors to help colorblinds.
  • Added a network interpolation setting. This allows users with good bandwidth reduce latency, but might increase some. stuttering. The user can find what works best for his connection by tweaking the slider.
  • Increased the Spawn protection radius on TDM.
  • Fixed a problem with smoke on land vehicles, Missiles should now miss more often.
  • Fixed a problem where users could end up with IRNV scope in any vehicle.
  • Fixed a problem where player dies if vaulting over a ledge and into water while sprinting.
  • Fixed several crashes and increased general stability.
  • Fixed a problem where the user was unable to revive two players that have the bodies one over the other.
  • Fixed so you can assign an axis and use as a digital input. This makes it possible for the player (on pc) to assign one of the sticks on a gameped to be used for throttle/brake.
  • Fixed a problem with the Kill camera acting up when suiciding from parachute.
  • Fixed air radar was showing to much. now lasertagged, heatsignature above threshold, enemy missiles and capture points are only visible on air radar.
  • Fixed a problem where the game would enter a technical hang if the user pressed pause menu and tilde at the same time.
  • Fixed a problem where you could get green flashes on screen.
  • You can now reassign cycle weapons.
  • Fixed so the weapon zooms automatically after bipod deploy is gone when using zoom toggle.
  • Fixed a problem where the parachute would stay stuck in air if the owner was killed

Balance Tweaks

  • Fixed several weapons so they are properly suppressed and hide the player on the minimap when fired.
  • Tweaked Tactical Light so it is not as blinding over longer ranges.
  • Tweaked the IRNV scope so it is limited to usage only at close range.\
  • Reduced heat masking effectiveness of Spec Ops Camo.
  • Fixed a bug where Ammo spec would give additional 40mm grenades instead of Frag spec.
  • Increased the number of additional 40mm grenades from Frag spec.
  • Fixed so AT mines only live for 20 seconds after a player dies to prevent infinite mines. (We want to make a different fix in the future, it’s in JIRA).
  • Increased the Time to Live on sniper caliber rounds to allow extreme distance shots.
  • Fixed several weapon descriptions, calibers, and fire rates. The weapons themselves have not changed.
  • Fixed so the M9 and MP443 pistol can be equipped by the opposing faction when it is unlocked at 100 kills.
  • Fixed Laser Guided Missiles missing their targets if the target is moving too fast.
  • Reduced the effectiveness of Stealth on Air Vehicles.
  • Reduced the effectiveness of Beam Scanning for Jets.
  • Reduced the damage done to Armored Vehicles and Infantry from AA guns.
  • Increased the damage RPGs and Tank shells do to AA vehicles.
  • Slightly decreased the accuracy for all weapons on fully automatic, burst fire is now preferable at mid to long range.
  • Increased the effective accuracy of long bursts for LMGs when using a bipod.
  • Slightly increased the range of the 44magnum bullets.
  • Increased the close range damage of 4.6x30mm and 5.7x28mm bullets.
  • Increased the reload time of the Mortar from 3.5sec to 4.8sec and increased the time it takes before a shell hits the ground.
  • Reduced the aimed accuracy bonus given by a Suppressor for the MP7, P90, PP2000, PP-19, and UMP45.
  • Increased the range and FOV for designating targets with the SOFLAM and vehicle Laser Designators.
  • Decreased the effectiveness of 12g FRAG ammo when equipped on semi-automatic and automatic shotguns.
  • Slightly Increased the power of Fighter Jet Cannons against all vehicle targets, especially Helicopters.
  • Decreased the power of Miniguns against Jets and Helicopters.
  • Increased the power of Stingers against Jets.
  • Flares reload times for Jets and Helicopter Gunners have been increased.
  • Tweaked the AN94 so its burst fire better conveys the real world advantage offered by this weapon.
  • Added Single Shot to the AN94 as an available fire mode.
  • Slightly increased the recoil on the M416 and removed the Burst Fire mode (this weapon incorrectly had burst fire, which was not authentic).
  • Tweaked the spawns for TDM on Kharg Island, Grand Bazaar, Caspian Border, Seine Crossing, Operation Firestorm, Damavand Peak and Noshahar Canals
  • Moved a tank spawn in US base on Caspian Border so it would not be destroyed by a falling tree
  • Tweaked the Gas station Capture area on Conquest on Caspian Border
  • Tweaked the max vehicle height on Noshahar Canals

Min player requirements

  • Also, it will once again be possible to reduce the number of players required to start a round to 1 both in ranked and unranked mode. We changed it back after getting a lot of negative feedback from both individuals and the RSP companies.
  • Our plan for the future is to introduce a warm-up mode, where players can move about and play the game, but with scoring disabled; then, when the number of players goes above the threshold -- that's when the real round starts.

The spawning has always been ridiculous in Team Deathmatch so that's a major update and the same can be said for using the defibrillator to revive piles of allies. Still waiting on the missing vehicle horn though...

Future Battlefield 3 updates may include fan-demanded features such as a battle recorder, in-game VOIP, additional squad interface changes among others but while DICE is aware of these, there's no ETA or confirmation that they're coming.

Battlefield 3 is available now for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.-

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Source: DICE

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