Major 'Battlefield 3' Patch Almost Ready For Release

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After finding out some great Battlefield 3 news regarding the announcements of three upcoming DLC packs, having to wait until June for the first pack (titled 'Close Quarters') to release is a bit of a bummer. However, before DICE made the DLC announcements at GDC last week, they had also revealed a massive - like, crazy massive - list of bug fixes and tweaks they were working on for the next major Battlefield 3 patch.

It was seemingly announced early to address a the outcries from the vocal BF3 community who were growing impatient for a lack of communication from DICE regarding updates and plans for the game post-launch. Now, it's possible that big update could be available for download very soon.

From jeeps getting horns and players being able to stand up faster from a prone position, the 100+ item list of incoming BF3 changes includes a plethora of bug fixes for general gameplay and vehicle use, plus tweaks for almost every weapon and weapon mod. Needless to say, the game is about to change for the better, big time.

But with such a large list of changes, incoming DLC and rumors of DICE potentially using most of their resources for another unannounced game, how long would it be for the patch to release? According to DICE Global Battlefield Community Manager Daniel Matros, the patch is already undergoing certification by Microsoft and Sony for the console versions of the game and that the PC version is undergoing testing. These tweets came after Matros responded to a question about the timing by saying that they hope to have updates out by the end of the month, meaning within the next two weeks.

As BF3Blog points out, the last time DICE had a Battlefield 3 patch undergoing certification, it was about a week until it released so fingers crossed that next week, the horns on the jeeps work.


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Source: Daniel Matros [Hat tip to Lyle]

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