Aside from a lot of the hullabaloo going on regarding the Battlefield 3 beta, there are still some pretty interesting things going on that give a glimpse into the kind of gameplay that could be seen in the final retail copy. In this particular video, a guy goes from Top Gun fighter pilot into ultimate action hero and manages to take out an opposing jet while parachuting back down to ground level.

Destruction will be a big part of Battlefield 3. In fact, the recent Battlefield 3 trailer released shows off all kinds of ways the destruction of the environment will positively or negatively impact your matches, including collapsing giant poles onto jets. However, our man in the video takes a different line. He says, “No, I will not let him get the victory,” and bails out of his jet at the last minute, attains missile lock and blamo, good effect on target.

Aerial dogfights in a first person shooter is one of the things, along with a few other things, that make DICE feel comfortable that they will be offering more than Call of Duty. If there’s anything that people can confirm, you can’t shoot jets with rocket launchers while parachuting in Modern Warfare 3. Watch the video below.


The creator does get an ‘A’ for effort in terms of music selection… nobody gets tired of Top Gun, usually. Also, it was also nice to see him try to attack the objective and support the ground troops.

Moments like that in multiplayer make the game memorable for a great deal of reasons. And you might still be able to have a few of those moments on the Caspian Border map on the PC open beta. Now the real challenge of a video of two guys playing chicken with jets and helicopters needs to occur.

Battlefield 3 releases October 25, 2011 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

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