The latest and greatest Battlefield 3 trailer to be released by the folks at DICE is returning to the single-player campaign, with more of a focus on the infantry side of the house once again. Like every other Battlefield 3 trailer released, this one will leave you wishing for more.

Definitely of note about this particular trailer is that the footage is derived from Xbox 360 footage. So those of you who had doubts about how good BF3 would look on a console can go ahead and squash those fears.

Operation Guillotine was teased last week but the full trailer depicts new mechanics that will be utilized during the campaign. Prominently on display is the authenticity of tactics employment DICE recently touted as well as showcases how those particular maneuvers are performed in-game. The trailer should be watched merely to see how Frostbite 2 handles night time flare illumination and light refraction, it’s beautiful.

This trailer follows Sgt. Blackburn once more as he, and Misfit unit, enact Operation Guillotine, which looks to have several layers that unfold as you progress. Starting as part of a mortar team, Blackburn illuminates the sky, climbs walls, shoots bad guys, and gets into some hairy situations.

Check out Battlefield 3 Operation Guillotine trailer below:


Not to take away from Battlefield 3‘s offering of multiplayer options, but the single player appears pretty solid for a lot of reasons. It looks to deliver a much more authentic, involved, and perhaps most importantly, believable storyline. In case you haven’t seen them, check out the two other single player gameplay trailers: Thunder Run (focusing on tank combat) and Fault Line (focusing on infantry).

Surprising that 102 seconds was more than enough time to communicate how intense the campaign can get. Great to see DICE was able to integrate the supine position when Blackburn got knocked down from the door breach. While not technically impressive, the dialogue that takes place inside the HUMV was well written, showing how soldiers on the ground deal with going into a really bad situation. October seems so far away all of a sudden.

Battlefield 3 releases October 25, 2011 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

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