'Battlefield 3' Open Beta Gets First Update

Battlefield 3 Beta Update

Even though it’s been only a couple of days since the release of the open beta for Battlefield 3, developer DICE is already showing they are willing to improve the game’s multiplayer experience until it is perfect. Just released is a new update for the beta that, while not addressing every issue, fixes many of the glitchy instances players have come across.

Most of these fixes come in the form of gameplay tweaks — making sure that players don’t end up in undesirable situations and aren’t faced with/given unfair weapon advantages — and none seem to address the connection issues many have been having.

Of course this isn’t the only Battlefield 3 beta update, but merely the first in a long line of fixes for the multiplayer across its multiple platforms. As the beta continues to run, and the complaints (of which there are still many) continue to build, we expect DICE to roll out at least a couple more.

Here’s your current list of fixes in the beta update:

* Fixed occasional client crash when reviving.* Fixed killcam showing glitched area under map if your killer is dead.* Issue with spawning on dead squad mates fixed.* Fixed a bug where shooting at a moving enemy could cause more than the intended amount of damage.* Crosshairs for shotguns have been replaced with a new, thinner, art.* A subtle low health screen effect has been added.* Tweaked scores of Medals and Service Stars.* Tweaked the Rank progression.* Pushing prone on console will not play the animation twice.* Fixed loss of Squad Leader after EOR at some times.* Framerate stability fixes.* The 3D spotting icons has been tweaked to better match the target’s visibility. Icons will show frequently less on mostly obscured targets.* Fixed issue with crosshair disappearing after round transition.* Fixed issue with crosshair disappearing after trying to deploy while the countdown timer still active.* Squad list now shows specializations chosen, VOIP activity and dead squad mates.* Non working options in squad menu fixed: "Private" flag and "Switch Teams".

As you can see you’re probably not going to walk away from Battlefield 3 post-update saying that anything was drastically different, more likely you’re just going to continue playing and never experience some of the weird glitches and instances players had already come across.

Some of the issues still on the docket involve getting into the same squad as your friends, knife damage inconsistency, and some collision detection issues, but those aren't across-the-board problems. Most interesting is some beta participants complaints at the perceived graphical inferiority on the console versions. Clearly they were spoiled by the awesome trailers for the game, and didn’t realize what they were seeing was the PC version.

While some of us at Game Rant have been having difficulty even logging into the beta others found the experience akin to our E3 playthrough. It’s all a case-by-case situation, hence the reason for the open beta test for Battlefield 3. You may not walk away knowing if your PC can handle everything the game offers, but at least you can decide whether or not the game is worth pre-ordering.

What has been your biggest problem with the Battlefield 3 beta that you hope DICE fixes? Have you noticed any improvements since the update?

Battlefield 3 releases October 25, 2011 for the PS3, PC, and Xbox 360.

Source: Battlefield Blog

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