I have a Nintendo Wii but it’s never used. It has very little video games of note coming out and all of the major triple-A titles that make the lists of most anticipated games of 2011 can’t be played on it. So, it’s both exciting and necessary that Nintendo is unveiling their new, more powerful “hardcore” console at E3 in June.

With DICE talking up Battlefield 3’s Frostbite 2 engine and making their desires for next gen consoles very public, wouldn’t it make sense that their new game debut on all of the platforms that can play it? The Nintendo Wii 2/Stream/Project Cafe will not hit retail until next year but when it does, don’t be surprised to see Battlefield 3 playable on Nintendo hardware.

Battlefield Brief picked up on some very interesting words used by Executive Producer Patrick Bach in a previous interview where he discussed how BF3 is practically next gen.

“We are already there; if they were to release a new console tomorrow the engine would scale onto that platform because we have been looking at not only the PC technology today but also speculating what will happen tomorrow when it comes to these things. So everything from streaming technologies, rendering technologies is scalable onto future platforms.”

If they were to release a new console? They are. Stream technologies? Like the new Nintendo controller? Weird!

If the new Nintendo has the controls and power the rumors indicate it does, then yes, Nintendo will finally be able to compete with the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and play the “hardcore” games. What would be cool is if the Nintendo version could actually support 64 players like the PC version. That would really help them make a point about their new online services.

Battlefield 3 releases on the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 this fall, possibly on November 2nd.

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