GR Pick: 'Battlefield 3' NES Edition

Battlefield 3 With NES Sounds

We've seen fan-made "demakes" before - when gamers take a widely popular and graphically proficient game and remake it into an 8-bit style title. In Youtube user Omega52's Battelfield 3 video he does something a bit different - adding NES sound effects to DICE's shooter.

This Battlefield 3 video isn't a demake in the traditional sense, mostly because it isn't really a demake at all. Omega52 mostly just superimposes sounds from NES games onto Battlefield 3 gameplay, to some enjoyable results. The sounds in the video are taken from the ever popular Contra, as well as other titles like Top Gun, with the music coming from Journey to Silius and Batman.

Seeing the gorgeous Battlefield 3 paired with NES sounds should invoke a sense of nostalgia in our readers, so check it out for yourself:


Now this video may not be as over the top as say, the Battlefield 3 Parachute/Jet takedown, or as awesome as the flying sniper, but you can tell plenty of work went into it. The audio cues are spot on, and likely got you to smile a couple of times while watching.

If this video proves one thing, it's that DICE should definitely release mod tools for Battlefield 3. Yes, DICE probably wants to protect their technology, but they'll definitely get a ton of fan support if they were to give gamers the extra customization. We're sure the community would be able to come up with plenty of clever ideas like the above video, and hey, who doesn't want to play a realistic looking shooter with the sweet sounds of retro games?

What do you think of the video? Would you download a NES-inspired Battlefield 3 mod?


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