Battlefield 3 'My Life' Trailer Hints at More to Come

Battlefield 3 My Life Trailer

With all of the recent media released for Battlefield 3, one would think DICE and Electronic Arts are going to run out of things to showcase before we even get to E3. In the lat few weeks ago, we've seen three single player trailers (the 'Fault Line' series) as well as a plethora of screenshots and artwork.

We certainly aren't complaining though, and as we await the Battlefield Facebook page to hit a million 'Likes,' we have another Battlefield 3 trailer to help encourage eager players to 'Like' Battlefield even more.

Unlike the the Fault Line episodes, which have shown us a variety of situations players will face in the the Battlefield 3 singleplayer/co-op campaign, the new 'My Life' trailer is comprised of bits of footage we've already seen, with a few exciting tidbits thrown in to hint at what's to come when EA unveils the upcoming 12-minute gameplay video.

Watch and enjoy:

[bitsontherun ATMhDW76]

I'll take a few of those jets, please.

The video is entirely made-up of actual gameplay footage which, if you've not been following news on this game, is possibly the best the industry has to offer this year in terms of graphics. At least, that's likely the case for PC gamers as the console versions will be scaled down quite a bit and comparable to other console FPS titles.

In addition to cutting edge graphics, a beasty campaign (with co-op!) and the best of Battlefield-style multiplayer, the game brings back jets, the ability to go prone, and with it, the biggest maps of the Battlefield series to date. Let's not forget that this game will also feature destructible environments. What will Call of Duty do to best all of these features? With no new game engine, can they even do so?

Now it's time to help us help you. Go the Battlefield Facebook page and 'Like' it so we can put up that new trailer. We know you want to watch it. If you've already done so, treat yourself to a viewing of the Battlefield 3-Inception trailer.

Battlefield 3 releases on the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 this fall, possibly on November 2nd.


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