Battlefield 3 Music Video

What’s better than never-before-seen multiplayer footage of Battlefield 3? Never-before-seen multiplayer footage of Battlefield 3 set to the tunes of Porter Robinson, of course! Quantic Media put together a nice little music video that should definitely be checked out.

While there will be some footage that you may have seen here or there before, keep on watching to see some pretty intense alpha footage of Battlefield 3‘s multiplayer in action. Remember, it’s an alpha, so you will see some bugs here and there — bugs that will most likely be repaired when the official Battlefield 3 multiplayer beta is made available to everyone in about a week. What better way to get excited for it than by watching Quantic Media’s take on the action?

Some people might not be a huge fan of the dubstep genre, but when applied to the right setting, it does a good job of fitting in. As you watch the video, you will also be getting to see a little more of the authenticity factor DICE has talked about to ensure that when you get your hands on Battlefield 3, it’s pretty close to what it is in real life. Watch the video below.


A couple of points could be noticed in the video that might pique some interest. The old AWP reload trick from Counterstrike works (at least in the alpha), where a player can shoot the rifle, switch to his secondary and back and not have to pull the bolt on the gun. Whether or not that will be fixed might be evidenced when players start hitting up the beta.

Battlefield 3‘s multiplayer will certainly be put through its paces during the beta, but if there is any indication in the 64-player multiplayer trailer, players will be more than satisfied with the final product. DICE is putting in a lot of work to ensure gamers will be playing BF3 for a very long time.

Battlefield 3 releases on October 25, 2011 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. The Battlefield 3 multiplayer beta begins September 27 for early access users, September 29th for everyone else, and will run until October 10th.

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