E3 2011: ‘Battlefield 3’ First Multiplayer Trailer [Updated With Multiplayer Details]

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E3 2011 has already been filled with an incredible number of announcements, ranging from Halo 4 to Kinect interaction with Mass Effect 3, and that’s only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. While there’s many sequels coming to consoles this year, there is one franchise that’s been on hiatus for quite some time and is making it’s return: Battlefield 3.

Probably the aspect that fans are most anticipating is Battlefield 3‘s multiplayer component, something the series has taken great pride in. With BF3, DICE is not making an exception. The developer is looking to deliver an incredible multiplayer experience that will truly be tough to rival. What better way to start E3 off with a bang than with a first look at BF3‘s multiplayer?

In addition to the multiplayer reveal, DICE has also released a Frostbite 2 engine showcase using all Battlefield 3 in-game footage. Talking about how gorgeous it looks would be much too difficult, so take a look at both videos below.


The Eifel Tower is immediately noticeable in the background when the footage begins, signaling that one of the single player levels will take place in Paris. Squad based multiplayer is back, and the intensity has been ramped up significantly.

Features players are familiar with by now, like XP gain and the HUD, remain largely unchanged. It seems now that Battlefield 3 has taken a page out of the Killzone 3 book and decided to include melee animations when using the knife, making up-close-and-personal kills that much more gratifying. Prone is also shown off, pleasing fans who prefer a much more tactical or stealthy approach to a fire fight.


Battlefield 3‘s multiplayer will definitely be one to rival Modern Warfare 3‘s this year. One of the biggest announcements regarding BF3 multiplayer is the first time inclusion of Team Deathmatch, a game type not seen before in recent Battlefield games. The inclusion of TDM is huge and wouldn’t scare off players who don’t find themselves enjoying objective-based game types that Battlefield usually promotes.

The co-op campaign that has been announced will be one that runs alongside the single-player story with its own unique maps, story, and mechanics.

Vehicles have also taken a bit of a change. If a tank goes down or is heavily damaged, it can be defended or retreat and it will automatically regain armor. Vehicles with mounted vehicles that have been disabled can still be used as stationary turrets until an Engineer can repair them. The class is not rendered useless, but won’t have to babysit a vehicle as much.

Ranks, rewards, and unlocks make a return for Battlefield 3, as well. No doubt seeing a similar unlock feature from the Bad Company series.

New to the game are dog tags. A feature similar to Emblems in Call of Duty games. When you kill an enemy, your dog tag will appear to him, so he knows you bested him in combat. On the other hand, if he successfully performs one of the new melee kills, he will be able to take your dog tag away from you.

Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Trailer

Second up is the Frostbite 2 engine showcase. By now, we can all agree Battlefield 3 looks gosh darn incredible, but DICE has been hard at work ensuring that each aspect of the game will look as real as possible. The animations, especially, look stunning. Firing a weapon creates realistic recoil effect on a character. Character transition from sprinting to stopping to crouching and to prone are very fluid.

Take a look at the video below to see how Frostbite 2 is providing next generation technology for the current generation.


Simply astonishing. That fire in the smoke almost looks better than the real thing.

That’s only a taste of the Battlefield 3 coverage from E3 2011. Stay tuned to Game Rant for more news and updates as the convention continues through the week.

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Battlefield 3 releases on October 25, 2011, for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

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