Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Details From C2E2

Battlefield 3 C2E2 Multiplayer Details

Battlefield 3 was on display behind closed doors at the C2E2 event in Chicago and some new multiplayer details were revealed. The Battlefield series has always been known for its large scale warfare (64 players) across huge maps and the newest title will not be forfeiting that quality.

PC gamers will still have access to the 64-player matches however, console players will experience some downgrading in terms of map size and player capacity. For PS3 and Xbox 360 players, Battlefield 3 may only support up to 24 players as the maximum.

Because of the shrinkage in map size, players on the ground will have an "out of bounds" warning similar to the Battlefield: Bad Company series, keeping players within the action zone. However, aerial vehicles will not experience any kind of limitations on where they can fly. In fact, planes or helicopters will have a larger area to fly in to give them space to manoeuvre. Players who enjoyed flying helicopters or fighter jets in Battlefield 2 will not have to worry about being boxed in while making their strafing runs or combating other aerial threats.

The original Battlefield 3 teaser trailer did feature fighter jet action, which would only work provided would-be Mavericks have enough air space to initiate awesome strafing runs. Aerial support has always been an important aspect to many a Battlefield match and the promise of using fighter jets is certainly enticing to see just how intense the large-scale matches can become in the high graphics and highly explosive BF3.

For fans of the man on the ground, the first two episodes of the "Fault Line" series have been made available and to say the videos look incredible is a huge understatement. DICE has just been as focused on ensuring that the single player experience in Battlefield 3 will be just as impressive as its multiplayer offering. Even with the time dedicated to offering a fleshed out single player campaign to rival that of Call of Duty, hardcore series fans need not worry about a change of direction with the franchise; the developer has officially stated the multiplayer side of BF3 remains the top priority.

Battlefield 3 will be releasing on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC in Fall 2011.

Source: CERFY

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