DICE Considering Move and 3D Support for 'Battlefield 3'

Battlefield 3 3D and Move Support

Much like early trailers for Battlefield 3 have shown that DICE isn't adverse to borrowing from some of the heavy hitters in the industry, the developer has also said they aren’t against keeping their eyes on popular trends — namely 3D and Move.

When asked by OPM if Battlefield 3might be utilizing either of the two up and coming techs, Karl Magnus Troedsson from DICE said that yes they are considering it.

A move that is certainly going to split a large part of the fan base who became instantly enamored with the Fault Line series of trailers, instituting either Move or 3D support for Battlefield 3 can open the arguably niche series to a whole new segment of gamers. It has worked for some developers, and failed for others, but DICE is always well aware of what their competition is doing.

It’s always a good sign when a developer aspires to being better than their competitors - complacency or just getting by isn’t going to cut it these days. Treyarch might believe that minutely changing a series’ graphics is enough, but coming out with a new and exciting engine like Frostbite 2.0 gets gamers talking.

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What also gets gamers talking is when developers tack on support for peripherals or technology that are seen as a “gimmick.” Casual gamers might find some appeal, but true fans of a series want it to stick as closely as possible to its guns.

Still it’s assumed that 3D and Move support, like with recent titles like Crysis 2, will be ancillary additions to an already polished experience. Gamers will not be required to own an expensive HDTV to experience Battlefield 3 in all its glory — although they might need to own a pretty high-powered PC.

Furthermore, this is just early rumblings on the part of DICE — something that they are interested in implementing but not at liberty to fully discuss at the moment. They are well aware that if the team does decide to institute anything than standard control mechanics in Battlefield 3, they better be prepared to make it equally as amazing as the game looks, and we wouldn’t expect any less from them.

What do you think of either Move or 3D support being implemented into Battlefield 3? Does a triple-A title supporting either of these technologies detract from the hardcore appeal of a game like this?

Battlefield 3is set to release this fall for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Source: OPM (via CVG)

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