'Battlefield 3' Mission Launch Trailer Offers Triple-A Cinematic Spectacle

Battlefield 3 'Mission Launch' Trailer

Battlefield 3 is only a few days away and anticipation for the title has no doubt reached a fever-pitch - especially following news that DICE's triple-A first person shooter is going to include early-access to the Mass Effect 3 demo (which launches in January). A lot of fanboy-fueled comparisons between Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3 have been raging for months now - even though there's plenty of room for both titles to exist in the industry (especially since they will provide significantly different gameplay experiences).

Killer graphics remain one of the touchstones for many of the Battlefield 3 faithfuls and prior trailers have certainly hinted that the title could be the most realistic-looking military shooter ever developed. Now, with only four days left until the game's launch, DICE has released their final sneak peek at the title in the form of the Battlefield 3 "Mission Launch" trailer - which, no doubt, gives franchise fans plenty of fuel to last them until the game releases.

It's hard to believe that this trailer is entirely comprised of actual gameplay footage and not pre-rendered cinematics but DICE has already offered-up an extensive amount of footage to whet player appetites for their upcoming title - from the oft-talked about Caspian Border trailer to the multipart single player footage Fault Line series. Of course, official media releases provide little indication as to the final quality of the game - since a title can look amazing and still fall short of providing enjoyable gameplay - so, despite near-lifelike visuals, it's still possible that Battlefield 3 may fall short of player expectations.

That said, judging by the Battlefield 3 "Mission Launch" trailer, it's certainly hard to imagine many buyers will be disappointed:


The Battlefield 3 "Mission Launch" trailer does a solid job of laying out reasons for players to pick-up their game - especially since we haven't seen much single player footage lately. If the trailer is any indication of the final product, it appears as though the game is set to offer plenty of value for competitive online players as well as story-driven single player campaign lovers.

The recent beta, which was plagued with a number of frustrating and bizarre problems, certainly gave Modern Warfare 3 fans a lot to talk about - but, as we've discussed before, rooting out bugs is the entire purpose of a beta - and DICE has promised that the final retail build will be clear of any lingering problems. As a result, fans of the series (and potential fans who are interested but remain unsure) still have plenty of reason to expect a polished and rewarding online shooter when the game debuts.


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Battlefield 3 releases October 25, 2011 for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

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