Battlefield 3 Comes With Access To Mass Effect 3 Demo

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As if gamers didn't need any more incentive to purchase Battlefield 3; it has just been revealed that EA's juggernaut shooter will come with access to a Mass Effect 3 demo. The demo is said to consist of both singleplayer and multiplayer content, and will release in January.

Anyone who purchases a copy of Battlefield 3 will gain access to the demo, but there is a catch: players must have activated their online pass. Aside from this however, players won't be required to input any other codes, and EA will be setting up a website to help inform players whether or not they have been verified to download the Mass Effect 3 demo in the new year.

If anything, this should give fans who are still wary of BioWare's decision to bring multiplayer to the Mass Effect franchise the ability to test out the multiplayer for themselves. There's always the fear that multiplayer is just tacked on as a marketing gimmick or attempt to make the game more "accessible" (and to justify an online pass), but with little to footage to go buy it's hard to judge whether or not multiplayer will be a welcome addition to the franchise.

Mass Effect 3 Battlefield 3 Crossover

Luckily, EA hasn't forgotten about their Mass Effect fans and for those of you who are not interested in purchasing Battlefield 3, EA also has plans to offer the demo to players of previous games in the Battlefield franchise. More information will be given later this year.

While this is certainly great news to those who already plan to pick up Battlefield 3 at launch, it's a bit unfortunate to see EA require the activation of the online pass just to have access to a multiplayer demo. What they are essentially saying is that anyone who buys the game used needs to pay ten dollars to access a demo. The problem with this statement? It's a demo. It should be given out for free to help generate hype for the game, not to be held hostage so EA can make a few more bucks off of online passes. It's really unfortunate that EA isn't willing to spread some good will with this demo and offer it for free.

Battlefield 3 will release October 25th, 2011 for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Mass Effect 3 will release March 6th, 2012 for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.


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