5 More ‘Battlefield 3’ Maps Detailed; New Vehicle Combat Trailer

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5 More 'Battlefield 3' Maps Detailed; New Vehicle Combat Trailer

Battlefield 3 will be shipping at retail with nine total maps – with those who pre-order the game now receiving the “Back to Karkand” map pack – which features an additional 4 maps. DICE has shared information for the first four maps – and now the last 5 have been covered for all those itching to know where else they’ll be engaging in online tactical combat.

Vehicles will play a large part in deciding which team wins or loses on each of the nine (or thirteen) maps – and what better way to remind players why jet planes, helicopters, and tanks are cool than a trailer showcasing the uses for the vehicles in Battlefield 3?

The release of Battlefield 3 is nearly upon us and fans are no doubt ready to get their hands on the latest DICE shooter – especially the final version of multiplayer (which won’t have all the bugs we’ve been seeing in the beta). DICE has done their best to ensure each map will provide its own flavor and merits-  and be able to show off each aspect of Battlefield 3 to the fullest extent, whether it be tightly enclosed combat or full-scale vehicle based maps with infantry ground support.

Before we get into the map descriptions, check out the vehicle gameplay trailer that illustrates why vehicle mastery on the battlefield will be just as important as having a sharp trigger finger and working as a team.

Now let’s take a look at the maps where you will be able to implement that wide variety of vehicles to aide in your conquest (or rush) of the enemy.

The first map is Grand Bazaar, a close quarter battle map focusing on infantry gameplay that takes place in the heart of Tehran. DICE recommends utilizing shotguns and other close quarter weapons, like PDW’s or submachine guns.

5 More Battlefield 3 Maps Grand Bazaar

The second map to be detailed is one we’ve all seen extensively in other trailers and was also featured in the PC open beta: Caspian Border.

Definitely utilized in the beta to show players the importance of vehicle mechanics, Caspian Border is way too big to just traverse on foot, encouraging players to hop into one of the game’s many people-movers to bring the fight to the enemy. Caspian Border is also where you can eject from a jet and attempt to shoot down another jet with a rocket launcher.

5 More Battlefield 3 Maps Caspian Border

Going from a huge outdoor setting into an urban one again, Seine Crossing takes place in Paris, nearby the Seine River. The fighting will be occur through a more dense urban environment, where APV’s and HMMWV’s will be king – to ensure maximum domination of the battlefield.

DICE notes that while playing Rush games, the final M-COM station is within a bank building, the largest indoor area of the map – and that, as a result of the layout, attackers will have to plan accordingly.

The Noshahr Canals will be an amalgamation of a large vehicle map that, at the same time, requires that players engage in much more infantry combat. The map will also be featuring amphibious vehicles – used for infiltration.

Rush players will start out on a carrier vessel and have to make their way to a large industrial area with train tracks, dry dock, and airfield. Plenty can happen on a map like this – especially if you’re interested in hopping between roles as vehicle support and boots on the ground.

The final map that will appear in all retail copies of the game is Kharg Island, which almost feels like DICE’s attempt at creating a Normandy invasion map in Battlefield 3.

Rush games start with attackers attempting to set up a beachhead, which will eventually lead to a much wider and expansive area of the map to operate on. Kharg Island will also be featuring the use of amphibious vehicles to get places – and help attackers take the objective.

5 More Battlefield 3 Maps Kharg Island

Now that all the maps have been revealed, which one are you most anxious to try out?

Battlefield 3 releases October 25, 2011 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

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