New 'Battlefield 3' Trailer Has Us Questioning What's Real

Battlefield 3 Live Action Trailer

Tomorrow marks the end of a very long wait for many PC gaming enthusiasts. Indeed, many new PC gaming rigs out there have no doubt been constructed specifically with Battlefield 3 in mind. EA, in its massive marketing push for the game, has also not let the issue simply stop there as they have continually called out the Call of Duty franchise even going so far as to make their new motto 'Above and Beyond the Call'.

Clever marketing and mudslinging aside, some of the first reviews for the game have already started to appear on the net (expect our review soon). So far they've been pretty favorable, but it still remains to be seen if Battlefield 3 will be able to unseat Modern Warfare 3 as the king of the modern military shooter.

In the meantime though, DICE and EA have produced a new trailer for the masses to chew on until the game's release at midnight tonight, with a particular emphasis on the game's biggest strength and selling point: the graphics. There's no doubt in our minds that someone out there is already editing this trailer with the words 'REAL' and 'NOT REAL', but for now, see if you can spot the difference in the new Battlefield 3 trailer embedded below:


Up close it's easy to spot differences between reality and the game, but many of the shots within the trailer are taken from a distance. At a distance, there are some moments in the trailer that are truly difficult to distinguish as gameplay and live-action. This is perhaps intentional, but nitpicking aside, the game is destined to look fantastic when played on a PC. It will also look great on consoles provided you install the high-res texture pack on an Xbox 360.

To say that the lead up to Battlefield 3 has been tumultuous would be a gross understatement. EA has continually issued corporate trash talk leveled at Activision and their beloved franchise. However,  problems with the Battlefield 3 beta coupled to angry reactions from DICE leveled at gamers has marred BF3's image in the lead-up to the release. In the end though, this is a debate that won't be resolved until solid sales numbers are seen for both games and a comparison can be made.

Battlefield 3 ships out October 25, 2011 for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.


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