'Battlefield 3' to Feature The Biggest Maps of the Franchise

Battlefield 3 to Feature the Biggest Maps in the Franchise

Battlefield 3 is being designed to change the current state of the first person shooter – whether gamers like it or not. Not only will it be visually stunning and offer awesome gameplay, it will possibly have some of the biggest maps in the franchise's history. Until this point we've seen and heard a lot about the visual aspect of Battlefield 3, though we've heard little about its multiplayer. Today we have some news that proves DICE is putting it's full effort behind the game's multiplayer component.

While speaking with Gamer, a Norwegian game magazine, DICE executive producer Patrick Bach made it clear that Battlefield 3 "will have the largest maps we have ever made". This is in contrast to Call of Duty's smaller maps, which are geared toward shorter sessions of play.

Large maps is nothing new to the Battlefield series and DICE is planning on pushing the envelope even farther with the new Frostbite 2.0 engine.

Bach also revealed that Battlefield 3's multiplayer will only support 64 players on PC, but also feature multiple vehicle types including varying modes of aircraft and armor units. All of this on one map with destructible environments, could really make for some epic battles.

Unlike its competition, BF3 will be focusing on PC players first this time around. Even though the console versions will look amazing, the developers at DICE have already confirmed that the PC version will be the best. With that said it's possible that Battlefield 3 won't surpass CoD in terms of sales even if it turns out to be a better gaming experience. The focus on the PC market could just make those who don't own high end PCs to stick to Call of Duty on their consoles.

How do you feel about bigger maps in BF3? Are you still waiting to hear more details on the game's online multiplayer before deciding whether it could push CoD out of your routine?

There currently isn't any additonal info on the size or number of players for the console versions of Battlefield 3, so make sure to check back here for the latest on this sequel. Battlefield 3 is scheduled for a fall 2011 release.


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Source: Battlefield 3 Blog

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