Battlefield 3 Screens Show 'Best Looking PC Game in The World'

Battlefield 3 Screen shots show best looking graphics

Electronic Arts failed at overtaking Call of Duty last year with their Medal of Honor reboot and Battlefield: Bad Company 2, so much so that they admitted that Medal of Honor didn't even meet their own expectations. That didn't stop them from overhyping the game prior to release of course and we're seeing it happen again already with this year's Battlefield 3.

The one significant difference this time around however, is that Battlefield 3 speaks for itself. This game, developed by DICE and aimed at the PC market, has a real chance at becoming the best shooter of 2011. And that's no small feat considering the sheer amount of Triple-A FPS titles coming out this year.

EA showed off Battlefield 3 at an offsite GDC event last night, offering a glimpse at the single player campaign and everyone who witnessed it came away impressed and happy with how the game is shaping up. It was a showcase of the new Frostbite 2 engine and how it impacts the Battlefield's AI, physics, regarding their movement. The footage displayed started out with exactly what we see in the new Battlefield 3 gameplay trailer, but continues on through more firefights, ending with an earthquake and a building collapsing onto a helicopter which falls onto you.

While there were complaints that no AI was shown, instead replaced by seemingly entirely-scripted scenes and moments, PC Gamer came away with the bold statement, describing Battlefield 3 as the "best looking PC game in the world right now."

To see for yourself, check out these Battlefield 3 screens from the trailer:

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More screens are coming soon as we pull the best ones from the gameplay trailer. Check in to Game Rant for more Battlefield 3 news and for your live coverage from our away team at GDC 2011!

The next Battlefield 3 trailer is scheduled for release on March 16th and the game is expected to release this Fall for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

Source: PC Gamer

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