If there’s one game that’s making the summer drag for hardcore multiplayer gamers, it’s Battlefield 3. The wait until the game’s release isn’t getting any shorter, but luckily we have 30 minutes of gameplay video to tide us over until then. Aside from the chance to see more of Battlefield 3 in action, the videos offer a closer look at the weapon customization and loadouts available to the different player classes.

As the first-person military shooter has gotten more and more popular, the amount of systems, customization, and depth expected by the fans has increased exponentially. Now developers don’t have to worry about offering only a satisfying gameplay experience, but social connectivity and secondary systems that meet the expectations of your most loyal fans.

DICE has shown that BF3 will be offering competent social functions with Battlelog, but now we can get a closer look at the various ways players will be able to pick and choose their favorite weapons, perks, and items. There is already a fair amount of varied weaponry and possible strategies with the 4 multiplayer classes, but these gameplay videos detail the choices offered within each one.

Keep in mind that Battlefield 3 is still in its Alpha stage, so feast your eyes on even more (glitch-tastic) gameplay videos courtesy of ‘YourGamingTeam’:



Seeing the weapon options available – a mix of classics and new gadgets – confirms that the game won’t be disappointing any long time fans, but we’ll need to get our hands on the game before we can decide what arsenal will be best for our playing styles. Before all that though, players will need to make sure their computers meet the requirements for providing the smooth and stunning visuals seen above.

More than just the visuals impress though, as the videos show the innumerable little details that the developers have been perfecting. From the rock-solid look and sound of the weapons to the reflections on the scopes, and not to mention the context-sensitive sound, it seems the fine touches are endless for those who are looking for them.

Do the gameplay videos show enough weapon customization to meet your demands? Could the thousands of small touches being made amount to game that could own this Holiday season? Let us know in the comments.

Battlefield 3 will be released for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 on October 25, 2011.

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