'Battlefield 3' Only Possible Because of Frostbite 2, More Game Details on the Way

DICE Talks About Battlefield 3

After EA announced that beta keys for Battlefield 3 were going to be included with copies of Medal of Honor, we knew that the highly anticipated shooter was coming, but we didn’t know much more than that. It was expected that, with as successful a franchise as the Battlefield series, Battlefield 3 was inevitable, but just exactly when it would be released was still up in the air.

While we still don’t have much information in regards to the game, thanks to Game Informer we now know that some major details regarding Battlefield 3 will be revealed in next month’s issue as well as tomorrow on the Battlefield official site.

Not to discredit the Bad Company titles or 2142 in any way, but it has certainly been a quite a while that gamers have had to wait for Battlefield 3. As the tease of the Game Informer article states, it took the creation of the Frostbite 2 engine to finally get the ball rolling for DICE.

With the engine’s development came improvements in both lighting and environment destruction the likes of which had never been seen in a video game before.

Other companies like Crytek and Epic get a lot of credit for their work with their respective engines, which almost overshadows Frostbite, but that doesn’t discourage DICE from pushing forward with their awesome tech. Still, Frostbite seemed to be the key in moving Battlefield 3 forward, and knowing this, gamers can’t help but love the revolutionary engine.

Being just a tease, there isn’t much information in regards to setting, set-up, or multiplayer for Battlefield 3. But for a game series of this caliber, fans can expect this third iteration not to disappoint.

Battlefield 3 Game Informer Cover

Knee deep in the success of both Bad Company 2 and its Vietnam expansion, DICE could have easily rested on their laurels, and took some time off. But instead they are pushing forward, demonstrating their position as one of the leading development teams working today. While they don’t always get the easiest of jobs, especially with their development of Medal of Honor’s multiplayer, the results are pretty spectacular when they stick to their prized franchise.

Today was only a tease regarding Battlefield 3, so expect some pretty big news tomorrow, most likely in regards to how this third game -third in name only- is going to revolutionize the First Person Shooter on both the multi and single player fronts. As always, stick tuned to Game Rant for more Battlefield 3 information as it releases.

What do you hope to see in Battlefield 3? Do you agree that the Frostbite 2 engine is key to the development of this next entry in the Battlefield series?

Source: Game Informer

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