EA Removing Official Battlefield 3 Servers

While EA puts out some outstanding games, their business practices don’t always jive with gamers. Now, things are about to get a bit worse, as EA’s official Battelfield 3 servers are being traded for a multitude of player-run games.

Early this year, EA and DICE gave console Battlefield 3 players the ability to rent their own servers from the publisher. Usually, this would be cause for celebration, as this means players now have more flexibility to play the game their way, but things aren’t going so smoothly. As player-run servers become more prominent, official DICE servers start to disappear.

According to DICE’s Daniel Matros, this is due to both physical and digital restraints, as EA and DICE do not have enough room to house all of these servers.

The problem with this is there is a lack of “vanilla” games, or servers with default settings. This means there are more games featuring a large number of respawn tickets, and with it, rounds that take forever to end. As well, player-run servers also give the admin more control, so if the host can’t take losing, prepare to be kicked. With fewer official servers to retreat to, it’s no surprise players are becoming frustrated.

Battlefield 3 Close Quarters - Donya Fortress screen 4

It’s a shame EA has such little space for new servers. If only they had some way to pay for more space. Wait a minute, they do? You mean to tell me that’s included in the cost of an online pass? The same online pass that came with every copy of Battlefield 3, which is supposed to help pay for servers, and they can’t afford to pay for more sever space? EA’s made a killing from online passes, if it’s really supposed to go to server costs then this shouldn’t be a problem. Let’s not forget that these player-run servers cost $30 a month to rent.

PC gamers have had to deal with similar experiences for the longest time, with very few games running official servers. However, at least with the majority of PC titles gamers are able to purchase their own servers from third parties, instead of being limited to EA’s selection.

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Source: VentureBeat