For Battlefield 3‘s final DLC package, appropriately titled End Game, developer DICE is pulling out the stops. Yes, they aren’t giving us the dinosaur-filled expansion we’ve been clamoring for since launch, but they are introducing some new and exciting modes, vehicles, and maps.

Among the creamiest of the crop is the Air Superiority Mode, which is returning from a brief hiatus, and promises to do away with the riff raff and focus purely on the aerial experience. However, Air Superiority isn’t a mode that’s best explained using words, but must be seen to be believed — and thankfully we have the trailer above to assist in that department.

As you can see, Air Superiority can best be likened to a large-scale dogfight, as players compete for dominance of the skies. I like to think of it as the best Top Gun simulator video games can offer.

There’s something about hopping into the cockpit of a jet in Battlefield 3 that is so exhilarating, but those types of experiences are sometimes few and far between, depending on map, mode, and willingness of teammates to share. That said, the core multiplayer FPS experience of Battlefield 3 still holds the greatest appeal with fans, and thankfully that’s getting some much needed additions as well.

Perhaps the biggest fan-favorite addition for End Game is the return of the Capture the Flag mode, a standard of multiplayer shooters. It’s hard to think that Battlefield 3 got this far without a CTF mode, but sometimes it’s about capturing the essence of that mode but flipping the fundamentals on their head a little bit.

Throw in the new dirt bike vehicles — capable of accommodating two players — and there’s the potential for some fast and furious flag chases, like the ones featured in the second trailer. For a DLC pack titled End Game, DICE is certainly providing a ton of content, but hopefully they’re saving some content for Battlefield 4. And by better content, we mean dinosaurs.

Are you ready for Battlefield 3‘s final DLC pack, End Game? Which mode are you most excited about trying out?

Battlefield 3 — End Game is scheduled for a March 2013 release, and will be available to PS3 Premium members first.

Source: EA

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