As we near the release of Battlefield 3 it was inevitable that talk would begin to surround the long promised beta for the multiplayer shooter. While Medal of Honor owners, the first gamers promised access to the beta, are still being touted as the first who will get their hands on the game, their “early access” is only 48 hours before regular beta participants.

According to a Twitter conversation between the folks at RipTen and DICE’s Tomas Danko it has been revealed that MOH owners will get into the beta first, followed most likely by alpha testers some 24 hours later, and then those who just recently received email confirmation that they have been approved for the beta.

We still don’t know how long the beta will last or whether or not another sign up will take place, but if you purchased Medal of Honor or Battlefield 3 (even if you did so through a digital service like Origin) you should be golden.

There is a little bit of confusion surrounding the beta, especially in regards to who gets access when, so don’t break out the pitchforks until the news is confirmed by Electronic Arts. All we know for sure is that Medal of Honor owners are in first.

It’s a still a bit disconcerting that those who might not have been interested in Medal of Honor (and based on reviews and sales there were a lot of you) but bought it just for Battlefield 3 access are only getting access to the beta 48 hours early. Obviously there is a ton of anticipation surrounding this game, and after the 64-player trailer released it’s been growing at a rapid rate.

Have any of you received confirmation that you are in the Battlefield 3 open beta? Are there any Medal of Honor owners who are disappointed that their early access isn’t as early as they hoped?

Battlefield 3 releases October 25, 2011 for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Source: RipTen