While most are fully aware of Activision’s plan to release monthly DLC, in support for their Call of Duty Elite premium members, there’s a greater amount of secrecy surround Electronic Arts’ plan for Battlefield 3 DLC. Thankfully, Battlefield 3 Creative Direct Lars Gustavsson has come out not to drop details about future DLC, but at least to say they have a plan.

In fact, DICE doesn’t just have a plan for Battlefield 3 DLC; they have completely restructured their studio in preparation for working on future endeavors like DLC. Most likely in response to Activision’s massive support for its Call of Duty titles, DICE too felt that they needed to step up their game in order to satisfy the fans.

Though we know that the ‘Back to Karkand’ DLC, which features classic maps from Battlefield’s past re-mastered for Battlefield 3, comes with pre-orders for the game, beyond that it’s anyone’s guess. Gustavsson did leave gamers with a few clues, but as far as what gamers can expect — will there be new maps, new single player content, new in-game items — it’s still speculation at this point.

“Nowadays, we have operations team who looks at the title when it starts getting closer to launch (or long before) with potential downloadable content and so on, to really have a plan. Otherwise you’re quite likely to start slipping. If you’re focusing just before release on what you’re going to ship post-launch, then I think you have problems…So, yes there is a massive plan in place.”

As one of the most highly anticipated games for this Fall season, there is no doubt that demand for Battlefield 3 DLC post-release will be pretty high. After already getting in-depth playtime with both maps in the multiplayer beta, there will be a considerable amount of gamers who are already craving more out of the gate.

Obviously this “massive plan” should include at least as regular of map packs as we have been seeing from Call of Duty (once every two months or so), but that is all on the back burner for DICE right now. Current focus for the developer is trained on shipping Battlefield 3 in 12 days.

What types of post-release DLC for Battlefield 3 would you like to see? Is it important to Battlefield 3’s success to implore a similar DLC model to Call of Duty?

Battlefield 3 releases November 25, 2011 for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Source: MCV (via CVG)