DICE Finally Announces Three 'Battlefield 3' DLC Packs

Battlefield 3 Limited Edition Physical Warfare Pack

It's about time! Since Battlefield 3 released in October 2011 only to have one DLC pack add content - with maps fans of the series were already familiar with - fans have been clamoring for DLC or an expansion, something Battlefield 2 fans were treated to fairly regularly. The maps came with a few new weapons, vehicles and assignments through the Back to Karkand addition, something that came to players who pre-ordered Battlefield 3 - we knew about this months before the game even released.

Since then, nadda. Peter C. Ausnit, Vice President of Investor Relations for Electronic Arts, had our hopes up in early February when he told investors on a conference call that new Battlefield 3 DLC would likely be announced at a New York EA event last month, but nothing ever came of it. Now, we finally have something official to look forward to.

Over the past few weeks, we've mentioned on several occasions that we were attending an event in San Francisco co-hosted by Danger Close Games and DICE. Danger Close was there to unveil Medal of Honor: Warfighter and a pile of new details and we suspected DICE would be sharing news regarding Battlefield 3 DLC and updates. That's exactly what happened and Battlefield 3 fans have three separate DLC add-ons to look forward to, starting in June.


  • Battlefield 3: Close Quarters — In Battlefield 3: Close Quarters, players are dropped into a frantic, infantry-only theatre of war. Frostbite 2 high definition destruction makes the environment come alive as everything from furniture to plaster gets shot to pieces. Players will feel the intensity of the world exploding around them as rubble and broken pieces pile up on the floor, while tight level design and vertical gameplay create a highly competitive environment. Battlefield 3:Close Quarters also introduces new weapons, assignments and unique dog tags to bring back to the base game.
  • Battlefield 3: Armored Kill — Following the tight infantry gameplay of Battlefield 3: Close Quarters, DICE will releaseBattlefield 3: Armored Kill that ups the ante for vehicular mayhem as only Battlefield can do. Featuring new driveable tanks, ATVs, mobile artillery and more, Battlefield 3: Armored Kill also delivers huge battlefields for an all-out vehicle assault, including the biggest map in Battlefield history.
  • Battlefield 3: End Game — The fourth expansion pack will ship in the winter but details remain tightly guarded.

There was no mention of the long-rumored "All American" DLC pack adding downtown U.S. locations to the game.

DICE also had news to share regarding Battlelog features for the console versions. DICE CEO Karl-Magnus Troedsson happily revealed that PS3 and Xbox 360 BF3 players can now customize/rent their own servers so they can setup the exact types of matches they want, like PC players can. The console versions of the games still however, have small maps and limited player counts.


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