DICE Talks Creating 'Battlefield 3'

DICE Talks About Battlefield 3

Over five years has passed since Battlefield 2 released on PC and DICE had just recently announced that a third game in the series would be coming. What was it they were waiting for?

For one thing, the creation of Frostbite 2, which will be the force that will made the third Battlefield title possible. The second being the large numbers of gamers who opt to use consoles for the online gaming. Combined, both of these factors create a perfect window for DICE to bring Battlefield 3 back to gamers and in a big way.In an interview with Game Informer, Karl-Magnus Troedsson, general manager at DICE, discusses creating Battlefield 3 and the goals he had in mind. Check out the interview at the Game Informer website and see what Troedsson has to say about designing Battlefield 3 for this generation of consoles.

Troedsson confirms that the PC will be the main focus of development for BF3 and will be the "main" version of the game. However, the DICE GM claims that console versions will not be ports of the PC title. He goes on to say that when the Xbox 360 and PS3 had first launched, they were not considered multiplayer-heavy consoles and because the Battlefield franchise has always been considered a multiplayer franchise, it was hard to bring the franchise over at that time. Of course, that fact has since changed drastically- with many players preferring to do their online multiplayer gaming on consoles.

During the interview, Troedsson touched on the single-player campaign within Battlefield 3, sounding reluctant on including one, explained that he'd rather focus on creating the title as an online multiplayer game only. He calls the inclusion of a single player campaign in a franchise like Battlefield a challenge, but not an impossibility, and from the Battlefield 3 announcement, we know they were able to include both a single player and cooperative campaign in addition to what's going to be a substantial multiplayer experience.

Battlefield 3 Frostbite 2 Engine

Given the nature of the Battlefield franchise, as a multiplayer-only affair, not to mention the dominating sales of Black Ops seeing a huge majority players who purchased the game exclusively to play online, regardless of the included campaign, will BF3 experience a similar trend? The single player present in the Bad Company series was strong, funny and nothing too convoluted, but Battlefield 3 might take the opposite route and take a much more stern and realistic take on warfare. The challenge Troedsson was referring to may have to do with coming up with a campaign that wouldn't be something that was cookie-cut from other shooters. Although, having a co-op campaign is already putting Battlefield 3 ahead of most other shooters today.

Still not excited? Check out the Battlefield 3 teaser trailer, you're going to want to play the game.

Battlefield 3 will be releasing in 2011 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

Source: Game Informer

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