We’ve known for some time that Battlefield 3 would support co-operative gameplay. The first concrete details arrived a few months ago but today, at Gamescom 2011 in Germany, EA offered-up a sneak peek at what eager players can expect when they gather-up a squadmate and hit the war-torn Battlefield 3 turf.

In addition to the co-op video, DICE has also unveiled a new teaser-trailer for Battlefield 3, a montage of action from a 64 person brawl on the Caspian Border map – that features plenty of gorgeous Frostbite 2.0 visuals and vehicular manslaughter (this time with jets).

Details on DICE’s co-op offerings have been somewhat slim – relying on the limited reveal of “2 persons across 10 maps.” However, the fan-favorite developer was a little more forward with their presentation at Gamescom 2011 – offering-up glimpse at an escort mission type, various gameplay features that benefit from co-op mode (team takedowns, etc), as well as another glimpse at the PS3 version of the title (to put to rest all the speculation that DICE will dramatically under-cut the visual fidelity of the title for consoles).

Check out the Battlefield 3 Co-op Demo (courtesy of GameTrailers) below [Note: will update with HD video soon]:


It’s still a bit unclear if the Co-Op will be cherry-picked, and slightly altered, campaign missions with an added focus on teamwork – or if they’ll be entirely separate experiences such as Modern Warfare‘s Spec Ops missions.

If a peek at the Co-Op mode wasn’t enough, DICE also debuted a montage of footage cut from 64 player matches on the Caspian Border map. The video is similar to a lot of the footage in the Battlefield 3 trailers with quick cuts and the dramatic music ratcheting up the excitement. The video also unveils a few new vehicles – most notably a jet – which was a crowd-pleaser in the EA conference.

Check out the Battlefield 3 Caspian Border trailer below (followed by a selection of screenshots):


Despite controversy surrounding the title’s dependence on EA’s origin platform, Battlefield 3 footage continues to promise a deep gameplay experience – and certainly hints at an enormous campaign and multiplayer offering. The coming months should be especially interesting as DICE ramps up to the holiday launch of the title – and tries to steal as much thunder from the Modern Warfare 3 juggernaut as possible.

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Battlefield 3 releases October 25, 2011 for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.