First ‘Battlefield 3’ Co-Op Details, Two Players Across Ten Maps

By | 5 years ago 

Though they might be the slimmest details possible, new information has been released in relation to Battlefield 3’s cooperative mode. While most of EA’s marketing emphasis thus far has been on the game’s single player campaign and multiplayer modes, this is the first we have heard about co-op and it might have a few gamers a little unimpressed.

Allowing two players to game together across 10 cooperative maps, Battlefield 3’s third facet of FPS entertainment rounds out the picture of a very worthy Call of Duty competitor. Unfortunately, two players and ten maps was all the details players could get out of the team at DICE.

If the multiplayer is any indication of what is in store for cooperative participants, there might be some opportunity for customization dependent on what class the player selects. Or each map could very easily just be an extension of those seen in the single player campaign — only tinkered with to accommodate two skilled marksmen on the field.

Obviously DICE isn’t going to let the cooperative reveals stop with this breadcrumb of a detail, but, after a very solid showing at E3 2011, they deserve a little time to plan out their next move. Just hearing that co-op will be included with Battlefield 3 should be enough to get those companion-conscious players that much more excited for the game anyways.

Sure, there are a ton of shooters that have set the cooperative standard at four players rather than two, but oftentimes two is the magic number to achieve an equal balance of difficulty and excitement. Also, it isn’t like Battlefield 3 doesn’t come packed with a ton of cool features — like the newly announced battle recorder — that make its desire to take down Call of Duty abundantly clear.

We should know more about this cooperative mode in the coming months, namely in regards to how it works and what is and isn’t allowed as far as connectivity goes. So, as always, stick tuned to Game Rant for more news on Battlefield 3.

How do you feel about DICE going with two players rather than four for their cooperative campaign? What are you hopes for this cooperative mode? How would you like to see DICE make it unique?

Battlefield 3 releases October 25, 2011 for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Source: PSM3 (via That Videogame Blog)