Battlefield 3 is going to feature some pretty large maps and skirmishes. The PC version will be featuring full on 32 vs. 32 player matches, while compromises had to be made for the consoles to ensure the experience would be just as good while keeping all of the content. The player count on console is only 12 vs. 12, a number that fans do wish was higher, but as of now, that’s the capacity. However, even with a “low” max number on how many players can play in a match on the PS3 or Xbox 360, DICE has promised that content wise, PC and console will remain the same.

Big matches are obviously something players are going to miss on the console version of Battlefield 3, but they will not be able to make that happen unlike their PC counterparts. However, just because there are fewer people doesn’t mean DICE is going to phone it in with the console edition of BF3, and they are ensuring that the gameplay will stay the same across the board, no matter the platform.

Patrick Liu, a producer at DICE, belays fears of console players that they might be getting less of a game than PC players. When the 64-player multiplayer trailer released, it spurred within players a great deal of excitement. 24 player matches can still be intensely chaotic and hectic, and more importantly, jets will still be involved. Here’s what Liu said:

“They’re definitely not getting less of a game.

It has the same amount of destruction and the same amount of visual fidelity. It’a also a misconception I’ve seen on the internet that the console version won’t have jets – that’s not true.

We’ve scaled the maps accordingly for console so it makes the pacing all right and the balancing is good. If you play a big Conquest map then the map is balanced accordingly.”

Scaled maps on console aren’t a huge deal. Anyone who’s played Bad Company 2 will know the map size was already pretty huge. Injecting Frostbite 2 graphics into that equation, and it’s hard to start pinpointing problems. If players still have room to properly operate on the ground, or perhaps more importantly, in the air via jets or helicopters, then the experience will still be just as fun.

Other changes have gone into Battlefield 3 on the gameplay side, including the exclusion of the Commander role players were familiar with in BF2. That should be some evidence of DICE’s continuous attempt to make sure Battlefield 3 is as balanced as possible. Don’t forget, registered beta players will be able to hop onto the BF3 open beta soon and test out whether the scaling works or not.

Battlefield 3 releases October 25, 2011 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

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Source: CVG