Help DICE Help You Destroy 'Battlefield 3' Cheaters

DICE bans Battlefield 3 Boosters

Games like Battlefield and Call of Duty are always subject to community-made videos scattered across YouTube, and they generally fall into one of two categories: hilarious/incredible stunts and kills or hacks and cheats. The latter of which is infuriating to legit players but it's a problem that never goes away. Even today, Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling is tweeting about another exploit being fixed while EA and DICE have posted another blog entry for Battlefield 3 about their intensification of anti-cheat measures.

As a player of Battlefield 3 (on the PC), I've witnessed hacks and cheaters through vehicles doing things they shouldn't be able to do to insta-kills with perfect shots through walls. The community is unimpressed that this is happening months after release and DICE understands and hates it too.

We have always taken cheating seriously. Starting today, we will further intensify our efforts to hunt down and rid Battlefield 3 of cheaters. Stats wiping and banning this disruptive minority is the only way they will understand that they are ruining the game for others. We do this for the millions of dedicated players out there who deserve a fair game, every game.

So, if you encountered this in your games, no matter the platform, DICE (and us) encourages you to head to the Battlelog site, look up the player you suspect is cheating, hit the triangle caution symbol beside their name and explain in full detail what happened, with a link to that match's battle report. DICE will investigate it and take the appropriate measures (unleash the banhammer!).

I wonder how much of this anti-cheat push could be in response to the following video (more vids below):


People who do things demonstrated in the following videos ruin the experience, for people on both teams, and should be banned (some of the hacks shown in the below videos have been fixed).




Sad, no?

Why do these idiots do that when they can spend their time doing cool (legit) things like this:




Battlefield 3 and the Back to Karkand expansion are now available on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.


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Source: DICE

Hat tip to Lyle for some of the video finds.

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