While developer DICE has already detailed not one but two sets of updates that have come about because of the tremendous participation in the open multiplayer beta for Battlefield 3, there are still those elements that gamers are concerned will not be addressed. As it turns out, though, DICE might not only be well aware of the problems that exist in Battlefield 3, but they most likely have already fixed them.

According to DICE, there will actually be no beta bugs when the main game ships. Now that doesn’t mean players online won’t still encounter problems, they just wont be issues that plagued the beta test that took place a week or so ago.

As they mentioned before, the beta test was a chance for DICE to stress test their servers and to iron out a few details that might have popped up here and there, not to perfect an inherently flawed product. For the most part, when an issue was brought to the table, DICE had already marked that as fixed.

“The main game was more or less done. It was more validating what we knew. We just checked our lists of already implemented fixes and said ‘Yeah, yeah we know about that one’ or ‘Oh yeah, that old one.’”

Don’t misunderstand, there were still many advantages to the beta, including a better understanding of the pace of scoring, but ultimately it was a trial run for the main game’s launch. Which calls into question, as before, whether or not this beta was treated more like a demo than a true “beta.” Sure there was the opportunity to fine tune servers and make sure that the tremendous amount of first-day gamers will have a silky smooth experience, but ultimately this beta was an old build that already had been fixed.

Regardless, the game releases in a little over a week, making many of the discussions being had over what will and won’t be fixed when the game releases irrelevant. Pretty soon gamers will be able to see for themselves.

Does it bring you some comfort to know that many of the issues/complaints gamers had with the beta had already been fixed? Do you think that the beta was more demo than beta?

Battlefield 3 releases October 25, 2011 for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Source: VG 24/7