The Battlefield 3 beta was certainly a troublesome time for EA. With the beta releasing so close to launch, gamers were expecting highly polished code but unfortunately, they only received the opposite. Despite the initial criticisms of the beta, it was still a resounding success for DICE after all -Who can say that over eight million players was a failure?

DICE has released a handy infrograph to show just how successful the Battlefield 3 beta was, and there are truly some astronomical numbers present.

As mentioned before, over eight million players participated in the beta, and the infograph claims that’s enough people to fill the city of New York. In addition, over 47 billion shots were fired and 1.5 billion people kills were registered. That may not sound like most players were decent shots, but it’s still remarkable to see how much play time people got out of it.

When one takes into account all of the hype surrounding Battlefield 3, it’s hard to see these numbers as surprising. To see the rest of these remarkable feats, check out the inforgraph below:

Infograph of the BF3 Beta stats

Judging by these numbers and our previous expectations, Battlefield 3 is going to be a heavy hitter when it releases later this October. With DICE promising that the beta bugs will be not present at retail, there doesn’t seem to be any reason for one to write off Battlefield 3, unless of course you hate Origin, but that’s understandable. The game already has 1.5 million pre orders, and we expect a lot of people lining up for this title.

It’s unfortunate that the Battlefield 3 beta had to be of such poor quality for some as it has probably put a bad taste in many players mouths (quite a few pre-orders were actually canceled as a result). DICE really should have released more recent code for the beta to help shake the feeling that beta was really just a demo, as well to convince those still on the fence that the title was of the highest quality. The numbers don’t lie though and Battlefield 3 will deservedly be a huge success.

In any case, it’s worth mentioned that the Battlefield 3 beta also beat out the Modern Warfare 3 beta by a considerable amount, mostly because the latter didn’t have a beta.

Battlefield 3 will release on October 25th, 2011 for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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Source: Battlefield Blog