More 'Battlefield 3' Post-Beta Improvements Detailed

Battlefield 3 Post Beta Update

While gamers have already received details on not one but two updates for Battlefield 3 as a result of the recent open beta, there were still some areas that needed fine-tuning. Gamers have been extremely vocal as far as issues are concerned, and now DICE is stepping out once again to give them a taste of what has been improved.

Obviously the breadth of changes that DICE is making to Battlefield 3 as a result of the beta couldn’t be summed up easily, but they are giving gamers a brief tease.

Probably the most important change that DICE is willing to reveal is in regards to the improved squad functionality. Now, players will be able to create squads prior to launching a game, stick with their squad, invite friends into a squad, and change a squad once in the game. Battlefield has always been about that cooperative, objective-based experience, making a tighter set of squad features all the more important.

The other, at least noticeable, change that is being made to the retail version of the game involves keeping the game’s kill cam from behaving “erratically" -- part of that "bug free" retail version claim. There’s no greater lesson to learn than seeing how your opponent got the jump on you.

Unfortunately, the other two changes, while important, are more under-the-hood features, and thus will be better understood once players get their hands on the game. There has been some netcode optimization made, which should help keep many gamers’ problems logging into the multiplayer at bay, along with some accessible settings being added to the menu. As long as the game runs smoother than it did during the beta, especially for Xbox 360 gamers, there are going to be some very happy fans.

This is, of course, only a small taste of the changes DICE is making to the Battlefield 3 multiplayer experience; so keep a look out for more details as they roll out.

Which of the new changes do you think will make the biggest impact on your Battlefield 3 experience? Are there still any nagging issues from the beta you haven’t even seen mentioned?

Battlefield 3 releases October 25, 2011 for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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