For those of you who are having the FPS itch and yesterday’s news about the Call of Duty Elite Beta starting for PS3 didn’t scratch it, maybe today is your day. If you happened to have checked out the Battlefield 3 website you’ll notice a very exciting message. “JOIN THE BETA SEPTEMBER 29th.”

That’s right, DICE’s most anticipated installment of their Battlefield series has officially announced the beta after rumors late last night hinted that we’d find out more about the BF3 beta sometime today. On September 29th, the Battlefield 3 open beta will be available for download in North America, South America, Europe, Australia, South Africa, and New Zealand.

The beta is playable on all platforms and will automatically appear in the PlayStation Store and the Xbox Live Marketplace. As for PC users, it will automatically appear in the Origin Application’s demo page. Simply download it for your platform of choice and get some.

There is an early access beta that will start a few days earlier on September 27th for those who got invites. According to the official Battlefield’s site, the open beta ends for everyone October 10th, so players will approximately two weeks to enjoy the beta which ends nearly two weeks before the game’s full release.

There is no limit on how far players can rank up or on what can be unlocked during the beta. Sounds like a challenge right? Beta accomplishments and stats do not carry over the the full retail version upon release. The beta gameplay will feature Battlefield’s attack and defend mode, Rush, and the playable map will be ‘Operation Metro’.

For PC gamers still upset about Origin being required to play Battlefield 3 on the PC, EA is trying to make nice and has offered a Battlefield 3 pre-order deal which gives buyers a free copy of Dead Space 2.

For more info, head over the official Battlefield 3 beta FAQ.