Best Buy 'Battlefield 3' Pre-Order Allows Gamers to Pre-Load Game

Battlefield 3 Best Buy Pre Order

If there’s one thing that gamers can rely on from retailers, it’s pre-order incentives. While some retailers will go the way of offering additional content as a way to sway potential patrons their way, others pursue alternate routes. Add into that equation one of the most highly anticipated, and highest pre-ordered, titles of the year, Battlefield 3, and see just how hard retailers will work for your buck.

For those gamers that are looking for the best chance to play their PC version of Battlefield 3 immediately, look no further than Best Buy. Offering the chance to pre-load the game with a pre-order, which will be followed by an unlock code at midnight on launch day; Best Buy is trying to secure gamers’ dollars with instant access. Players can, of course, head over to a midnight console launch to essentially receive the same instant results, but if they're planning on installing the high-res texture pack that could be an extra 20 minutes of waiting after picking the game up.

As reported before, Battlefield 3 PC players will need to load Origin regardless of whether it was purchased via Electronic Arts’ digital distributor. But the game doesn’t release for a few more days, giving plenty of time to pre-load Battlefield and to install Origin.

But pre-ordering Battlefield 3 from Best Buy doesn’t just net gamers instant access, it also comes pre-packaged with the Back to Karkand DLC. Packaged with four maps, new vehicles, new weapons, and additional awards, the Back to Karkand DLC is a nod to Battlefield's past and a reward for those who are highly anticipating this modern FPS.

The digital pre-load, of course, is only tied in with the PC version of the game, but Back to Karkand ships will all pre-orders of the Limited Edition. Developer DICE has provided plenty of incentives by way of gameplay trailers and open beta experiences to sway you into purchasing the game, now it’s time to decide from where.

Will you be pre-ordering your copy of Battlefield 3 so that you can pre-load the game? What is the best pre-order incentive you have seen for the game so far?

Battlefield 3 releases October 25, 2011 for the PS3, PC, and Xbox 360.

Source: Best Buy

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