'Battlefield 3' Battlelog Trailer Details Features

Battlefield 3 Battlelog Trailer

First-person shooter players love stats. They love stats almost as much as fantasy sports players do. Battlefield 3's Battlelog, a social networking platform for the upcoming shooter will be providing fans of the game a means of stat-tracking, friend lists, and several options as detailed in a new Battlefield 3 trailer released by DICE.

Features similar to Battlefield 3's Battlelog have been found in other popular shooters. Bungie.NET and the upcoming Call of Duty Elite are certainly representative of some of the most popular FPS games, but DICE wants to change things up a bit more with Battlelog. The service will be offering a social networking aspect, allowing players to utilize Battlelog to make and keep up with friends in the game.

As a reminder, Battlelog will totally be free for players to utilize, if they so choose. Though, as a free service, there would be very little reason to not use it, especially to track your progression throughout your Battlefield 3 career. Detailed screenshots of the Battlelog service were released early in August for a closer look. Below, see DICE personnel talk about the service and what it means for you, the player.


PC players do get a treat in the form of using Battlelog similar to how Steam works as a hub, using the service as a server browser and party list, as well as the other functions that will be available across all platforms. The inclusion of accessing Battlelog through a mobile device does add that slight humor factor. Imagine being at a party and impressing a girl with the fact you just hit Major in Battlefield 3, she'll be all over you. But, if you're one of those people who like to know what your friends are doing in Battlefield 3, then the mobile version of Battlelog will definitely be an aid to your wanting to rush home and play a few games of Rush.

Don't forget, if you're playing the Battlefield 3 open beta right now, updates have been made to ensure the experience is a little more pleasant.

Battlefield 3 releases October 25, 2011 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.


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