As first person shooters continue to adapt to the whims of the modern gamer, many of them have begun to implement some sort of stat-tracking feature that allows gamers to look at every minute detail from all of their online exploits. Some might be charging for this feature, or at least for some part of it, but Battlefield 3 is offering their stat-tracking free of charge, at least as long as you pay for the online pass we’d imagine.

For those that might not now, Battlelog, Battlefield 3’s stat-keeping service, will not only allow players to keep track of their kills with various weapons, and the awards earned for completing certain objectives, but also boasts integration with Twitter and Facebook to allow incessant competition among friends. DICE has yet to run down each and every facet of Battlelog in great detail, but some new screenshots showcase a few of the features that are available.

And, for those purists who will be hopping on the PC servers for Battlefield, it looks like Battlelog integration will take things a bit further by allowing gamers to customize and search out servers that fit their play style and map preferences. None of this information is confirmed, but the placeholder image seems to indicate some fairly comprehensive PC support.

All of the usual suspects will be making appearances in Battlelog — looking very similar to the stat tracking featured in Halo: Reach — but the layout is very modern, with easy to understand information and a clean look to it. There’s even a brief tease of a few of the weapons that will be available in the game for those who are into that sort of thing.

Check out the new screenshots below:

Unfortunately, we still don’t have any indication of whether some sort of Battle Recorder feature will be available, but the assumption currently is that there will be.

With the Battlefield 3 beta right around the corner, and the game’s release not soon after that, gamers will finally be able to put to rest the ongoing verbal battle between Modern Warfare 3 and EA’s very worthy competition.

What do you think of this more detailed look at Battlelog? Do you think a comprehensive stat-tracking feature is a standard for first person shooters these days?

Battlefield 3 launches October 25, 2011 for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Source: Battlefield 3 Blog