If there was any doubt that Battlefield 3 would be bringing all the tools required to unseat Call of Duty as the reigning king of online multiplayer, the latest release should take care of that. Thanks to the German website for Battlefield 3, the first screen captures of the game’s online Battlelog systems have been released. Take a look now to see the kind of social interactions the new community will allow, and how many influences have been taken from popular social outlets.

We won’t speculate on whether or not the timely release of the images has anything to do with the Call of Duty Elite Beta beginning earlier today, but given the obvious rivalry between the two properties, both development teams are going to have to prove that they’ll offer at least equal experiences.

After we learned what extensive community features and matchmaking options that CoD Elite would be offering, fans who trusted in the PC roots of DICE had to wait and see if their faith would be rewarded. After all, the developers of the Battlefield franchise have been consistently claiming that their next game would bring some much0needed changes to the online multiplayer formula.

While the newest images of the Battlelog home screen don’t confirm or deny the presence of a battle recorder feature, it does show how the online community and matchmaking will be presented to PC gamers. Check them out now:

The chat windows and live feed will be fairly familiar and intuitive for most of those who use Facebook or Twitter, so DICE is clearly starting their social community systems in the right place. While the actual workings or deeper features offered are still a mystery, it’s clear from the images released that the developers of Battlefield 3 are doing what they can to make the Battlelog appealing to both hardcore clan gamers and first-timers.

Presenting the various types of gameplay and online friends available may be a foregone conclusion in an online shooter these days, given Battlefield 3‘s exclusion from Steam in favor of EA’s own online marketplace, it’s nice to know that the developers of the game themselves have the community covered.

So far the images or details have yet to be released on the English version of the game’s website, so we’ll keep you posted on any more details.

What do you think of the social media-inspired surface features of Battlelog? Would you prefer something that presents a bit more information immediately, or will you wait to see what other systems are at play behind the scenes? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Battlefield 3 releases October 25, 2011 for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

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Source: Battlefield (via Battlefieldo)