'Battlefield 3: Back To Karkand' Hits PS3 12/6, Xbox & PC a Week Later

Battlefield 3 Back to Karkand Release Date

It's nearly time for PlayStation 3 owning Battlefield 3 players to go Back to Karkand. The first Battlefield 3 expansion launches next week on the PlayStation 3, followed by the Xbox 360 and PC versions a week later. If fact, from here on out, every Battlefield 3 expansion will be exclusive to PS3 for the first week.

Come December 6, PlayStation 3 owners will be able to download Back to Karkand. The expansion includes four re-imagined maps (Wake Island, Sharqi Peninsula, Gulf of Oman, and Strike at Karkand) and three new vehicles (VSTOL fighter jet, Desert Buggy, and an APC) along with ten new weapons and five new dog tags. The expansion is free to owners of the Battlefield 3 Limited Edition, and $14.99 for everyone else.

Back to Karkand also debuts DICE's new Assignments, which are targeted goals for players to complete in game. A post on the Battlefield Blog describes just how the Assignments will work.

"For example, to complete the 'Let it Rain' assignment players must score 20 kills with Light Machine Guns and two mortar kills. When you have met the requirements, you will unlock a new Back to Karkand weapon (with a matching set of dog tags) to use in Back to Karkand and the original Battlefield 3 maps, which will mix in server rotation. You will also unlock the next Assignment in the series, the new Creeping Death Assignment."

Finally, the Back to Karkand trophies have been revealed. Think you'll be able to earn them all? Take a look at the requirements below.

  • Complete Warrior (Silver) Get a kill with the following weapons in a single life: Rifle, Jet, Tank
  • Third Tour (Bronze) Get a kill with the new APC, Desert Buggy, and STOVL fighter jet
  • Gunslinger (Bronze) Get 10 kills with all B2K weapons
  • Like a Boss! (Silver) Get a kill with the skid loader
  • Jaws (Bronze) Take a swim in the pool at the Oman hotel

The Back to Karkand expansion pack hits just a week after Battlefield 3's first client update. Between the bug fixes in the client update, and the new content in the expansion, Battlefield 3's eight million players should be kept suitably busy for the time being.

Hey Ranters, will you be heading Back to Karkand next week? What do you think of the brief period of PS3 exclusivity for Battlefield 3 expansions?

The Battlefield 3 Back to Karkand expansion releases December 6 for PS3, December 13 for Xbox 360 and PC.


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Source: Battlefield Blog

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