Players who pre-ordered the Limited Edition of Battlefield 3 before it released last October had first crack at the game’s first set of additional maps, four that were based on some of the most popular environments from previous games in the series. With the Battlefield Premium service (which also includes Back to Karkand) the first new content came with Battlefield 3: Close Quarters earlier this summer.

Close Quarters also added four additional multiplayer maps, that all ran with an infantry-only Call of Duty-esque theme. As the title of the DLC suggests, the four maps were small, enclosed and didn’t include any of the series’ trademark vehicular warfare. With Battlefield 3: Armored Kill, that all changes and we are very thankful.

The Armored Kill expansion is already available for PS3 Premium players and will release for Premium PC and Xbox 360 players next week on September 11th. For non-Premium subscribers, Armored Kill will be available on September 18th for PS3/September 25th for PC & Xbox 360.

Like the previous two map packs, Armored Kill also adds four new maps, but these ones all fall on the side of super-sized. All four are outdoors, wide open and one of them earned the label of being the largest map in Battlefield franchise history (Bandar Desert).

New Battlefield 3: Armored Kill gameplay footage premiered at Gamescom 2012 a few weeks back where the Death Valley and Alborz Mountain maps were detailed and last week we got a close look at the snow-covered mountain tops of Alborz with another new gameplay trailer. Premium subscribers can check Battlelog for an exclusive members-only 5-minute video that walks through the four new locations but for a briefer yet equally exciting overview of the new content, we have the official Battlefield 3: Armored Kill launch trailer which can be viewed up top.

Reaction was mixed to the Close Quarters DLC representing the first batch of new DLC content for Premium subscribers since long-time Battlefield fans want the large, open environments and vehicle gameplay that defines the Battlefield experience. As emphasized with the video above, players will need to get behind armor, get in the air, or hide, especially in the new Tank Superiority mode.

Armored Kill adds the following to Battlefield 3:


  • Bandar Desert
  • Alborz Mountain
  • Death Valley
  • Armored Shield


  • AC-130 Gunship
  • M1128 Mobile Gun System (Tank Destroyer)
  • 2S25 Sprut (Tank Destroyer)
  • M142 HIMARS (Mobile Artillery)
  • BM-21 (Mobile Artillery)
  • 5 entirely new unlocks for base game, 20 unlocks for new vehicles.


  • Five vehicle-based assignments for Armored Kill.
  • Five vehicle-based assignments for Premium members.

Not only are the maps physically bigger, they’re that much more detailed since infantry need cover in the vast expanses and most of the cover must be provided by natural surroundings in the environments. Read all about the design of Armored Kill on the official Battlefield 3 blog.

Battlefield 3: Premium Edition (and the Armored Kill DLC) will be available for all Premium subscribers in North America on September 11 and in Europe on September 13 for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. PlayStation 3 players will also receive an additional week of early access to all remaining digital expansion packs.

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