With anticipation for Medal of Honor: Warfighter being overshadowed with news that pre-orders of it will ships with beta access to Battlefield 4, gamers still have a lot of upcoming content for the game that’s here, right now: Battlefield 3.

The Battlefield Premium subscription released in June alongside the first new Battlefield 3 DLC pack: Close Quarters. For those who don’t dig the close range, Call of Duty style fast-paced mayhem, the next DLC is more in line with traditional Battlefield gameplay: Armored Kill.

Where the currently available Close Quarters added four small maps, 10 weapons, 10 assignments, five dogtags and two new small-map-focused modes, Armored Kill adds four big maps, five new vehicles, a gunship, a new tank-focused mode, five new assignments and a ton of new unlocks for the added vehicles.

To see them in action, check out the new Battlefield 3: Armored Kill gameplay trailer.


No shooter can sell itself on gameplay like Battlefield 3 does and this is the DLC we’ve been waiting too long of a time for. Of the four large maps added with Armored Kill, one of them – Bandar Desert – is not only larger than any map in the game or Back to Karkand, but it’s the biggest map in Battlefield history. Read our Armored Kill hands-on preview for more on this map and our experience with it. The other map we know the name of is Alborz Mountain, with the other two remaining unannounced.

As for the new outdoor toys:

  • Two tank destroyers
    • M1128 Mobile Gun System for US
    • 2S25 Sprut for RU),
  • Two mobile artillery
    • M142 HIMARS for US
    • BM-21 for RU)
  • Quad Bike.
  • AC-130 Gunship – not playable (NPC controlled), but there are two usable gun turrets and a parachute spawn location.

The Battlefield 3 ‘Armored Kill’ expansion arrives for $15 on PSN, Xbox Live and Origin in September of 2012, with one week early access on PlayStation 3. It’s included with Battlefield Premium.

Stay tuned to more Battlefield 3 news from Game Rant at E3 2012.

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